About Pup Persona

Us and Pup Persona: Pup Persona BORN 1st December 2018

As two puppy enthusiasts we love nothing more than spending time with our own and other peoples pups.  We are passionate about having fun and celebrating our fur loved ones.

Our vision is that our brand is high end, bespoke, personalised, quality, unique, fun, caring, stands out, loving, and not on the high street.

We understand the love and connection we have with our pups and would love to share this with like-minded dog owners.

I’m Lynda and my pup Charlie is a 9 year old blue roan cocker spaniel, he is very laid back, he talks to me in his own little way, he is attracted to the fridge and the cupboard where his treats live and he loves the ladies, he’s a real charmer and a will be a great Host at the leads to love events.

I’m Amy and my pup Lexi is a 4.5 year old cocka poo, who is my world. Having thrown a self-delivered puppy party for her 1st birthday and this being very popular and a whole load of fun, I can’t wait to host and share these amazing events.

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